About Us


   Founded in 1999 under the leadership of İsmail Urhan in İzmir under the name of 'White House', our company continues to sell wedding and engagement dresses in approximately 250 points around the world with its unique designs.

  The professional staff of White House is committed to meet all domestic and international customer demands completely and in the best way; therefore it has managed to become a popular brand in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East markets.

  With the high quality materials and high level craftsmanship we use in our products, White House has successfully pursued its goal of being the leading wedding dress company of the sector for many years.


  Our goal is to become known by every bride in Turkey and represent trusted brand quality. During this period, having been in good communication with our dealers and sales points; to have a common mind and vision. With our sincere, honest and professional approach, to ensure the continuity of service quality and absolute customer satisfaction in busy business tempo.


  By customer-oriented production, mainly from Turkey in the sector; is to become the largest company in the whole world market.